tickHere are the web development packages that we offer.....


StarterSmall BusinessProfessionalExecutive
Number of pages to start with137+10
Choice of free domain Nameyesyesyesyes
A boxed and ready templateyesyesyesyes
Help and support (up to 5 emails a month)yesyesyesyes
Performance reports to track traffic to your siteyesyesyesyes
Regular security updatesNot Includedyesyesyes
Integration with Twitter and FacebookNot Includedyesyesyes
Add, remove and edit content yourself with our CMSNot Includedyesyesyes
A premium web TemplateNot IncludedNot Includedyesyes
Startup Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)Not IncludedNot Includedyesyes
Client case studies that you updateNot IncludedNot Includedyesyes
BlogNot IncludedNot Includedyesyes
Able to add shop, photo gallery etc Not IncludedNot Includedyesyes
Customised Boxed and Ready templateNot IncludedNot Includedyesyes
Customer feedback that you updateNot IncludedNot Includedyesyes
Bespoke website, designed by you and usNot IncludedNot IncludedNot Includedyes


The percentage that we require in advance is dependant on the overall cost of the project. Details are as follows:

Total Cost of ProjectDeposit Required
£99 - £19875%
£199 - £34965%
£350 - £59955%
over £60050%

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