Our way of working is simple and transparent.  Read through our Six Steps to Success to understand our commitment to you and your responsibilities to the project.

Remember, we can't build your website without you!


1: Ready, steady....


Boxed and Ready to Go  

Bespoke for Success 

Choose the Boxed and Ready design which you have decided will be just perfect for your website








Choose a maximum of three Boxed and Ready designs or websites that you like. If you have drawn your website on a sheet of paper or in Word, you can share that withus too.
  • Share your company logo with us and let us know the main colour(s) that you will be using in your website. Things to consider:
  • What colours, fonts and images will make your website look professional, polished and a place where clients wish to spend their money
  • The page layout needs to meet your objectives and needs to work with your processes, such as sales and purchases.
  • The more clicks there are to get to the main point of the website, the more people will disappear and look elsewhere. So remember, fewer clicks keeps clients!
  • Design your website in such a way that it gives you the flexibility to expand it in the future 

2: Joining the dots....

We will develop a prototype website for you


3: Blue Skies Thinking

While we are developing your prototype, you will be developing the structure and content for your website. Decide what you want your main menu headings to be, what pages you will have underneath those pages and write the content of those pages so that you are ready to go


4: Tea and Biscuits

We will either meet or chat over the phone / Skype to discuss the prototype within a few weeks. The length of time it takes to build the prototype will depend on your requirements.


5: Finishing Touches

We will modify your prototype according to your requirements and develop your final website, ready for launch


6: Go Go Go!

Your website will be ready to go live. Get ready to promote your website and once it is made live, promote, advertise, market and get those visitors flooding to your website!


Happy Customers

Client feedback is very important to us. What you say matters. By learning from our experiences we can ensure that CelticWebSolutions keeps getting better and better!